An Original Motion Picture
In a world where superpowers are the norm and Superheroes are celebrities, one of the most famous Supers decides to give up her powers— until she uncovers a government facility that risks the existence of both humans and Supers alike.​​​​​​​
PROGENY - Incident
Lily is the most famous superhero on earth at a time when superheroes are vogue, coveted, and ultimately commonplace. Everyone has access to some kind of power and it is for precisely that reason Lily has done everything possible to mute her own and fly under the radar; taking drugs to squash her gifts. When a rogue organization offers Lily a chance to permanently destroy her powers, she uncovers a penetrating government conspiracy aimed at striking superheroes everywhere, affecting not just people with powers, but humanity as a whole.
Starring Carly woods & Kayla Swift
Cinematography by Andrew Johnson
Written by Carly Woods
Directed by Neil Karunatilaka

Concept Pitch Video |  In Development